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Our chefs have selected the very best traditional Chinese recipes

Slowboat Chicken & Sweet corn Soup 6,25€
Flavoursome with diced chicken & sweet corn

Hot & Sour Soup 6,25€
The classic spicy sour soup with Char Siu pork & diced king prawn

Chicken Birdnest Soup 6,80€
Sliced chicken breast layered on a bed of thin egg noodle, poached egg & shitake mushroom

Classic Wanton & Char Siu Soup 6,25€
A light clear peppered soup with seasoned diced chicken wan tons & sliced char siu

Chinese Mushroom & Vegetable Broth 6,25€
A thick deep broth with diced vegetables & shitake mushrooms

Seafood Treasure Soup 8,30€
A deep rich broth made with lobster stock, diced scallops,hake, king prawns & mussels

Basket of Prawn Crackers 3,15€

Chinese Salad 6,25€
Fresh seasonal salad leaves with pineapple in light soy & sour vinaigrette

Duck Salad 9,00€
Aromatic duck on a bed of chinese mixed greens, pak choi & water chestnuts drizzled in our hoi sin & rice wine vinegar dressing

Crispy Aromatic Duck (for 2 people) 17,90€
Half a shredded fragrant duck served with traditional julienne vegetables, pancakes & hoi sin sauce

Crispy Spring Rolls 6,50€
Diced pork with seasoned shredded vegetables wrapped in a crispy pastry

Crispy Vegetable Spring Roll 6,25€
Seasoned shredded vegetables wrapped in a crispy pastry

Jasmine Infused 5 Spice Salt & Peppercorn Chicken Wings 8,90€
Tender chicken wings infused with jasmine, seasoned in our vibrant 5 spice stir fried with diced chillies,peppers, onion & spring onions

Char Siu Honey Roast Rack of Ribs 8,90€
Tender slow roast rack of ribs in a char siu marinade Served coated in a honey roast sauce glaze & sesame seeds

5 Spice Salt & Peppercorn Ribs 9,40€
Tender long pork ribs seasoned with our vibrant 5 spice stir friedwith diced chillies, peppers, onion & spring onions

Spare Ribs in Capital Sauce 9,40€
Tender long pork ribs in a fruity BBQ style sauce (Contains traces of nuts)

5 Spice Salt & Peppercorn King Prawns Tempura 14,85€
Large king prawn tempura seasoned with vibrant 5 spice & black pepper

Fresh Steamed Queen Scallops in a choice of perfectly chosen toppings 14,10€
a) Ginger & spring onion b) Spicy black bean sauce with vermicelli

Crispy Wan Ton Parcels 5,75€
Crispy parcels of minced chicken, ginger, spring onions & chinese herbs

Sesame King Prawn Toast 9,40€
Finely minced king prawns lightly fried & seasoned with garlic,ginger & herbs layered on toast topped with sesame seeds

Teppanyaki Imperial Hors D’oeuvres 11,20€
Spare ribs in capital sauce, spring rolls, sesame king prawn toast, duck salad & crispy shanghai balls per person (for 2 people or more)

(A little touch of the heart) These traditional tapas style baskets of bite sized delicacies are perfect for sharing…

Crispy Shanghai Balls 7,30€
Shredded cabbage, finely minced pork, ginger, 5 spice, garlic & herbs steamed then fried until crispy. Served with a duo of dipping sauces

Har Kao 6,00€
Translucent steamed dumplings of sweet prawn with finely diced onion & sesame oil

Siu Mai 6,00€
Steamed pork & prawn dumplings seasoned with ginger,spring onion & finely chopped chinese black mushroom

War Tip 6,00€
Traditional dumplings from the north of china filled with sweet cabbage & seasoned pork steamed then shallow fried

8 Piece Mixed Dim Sum sharing basket 13,50€
Har kao, siu mai, war tip & muo gu ji (for 2 people)

We prepare these famous traditional dishes with the greatest of care. Simply select your preferred meat or seafood & one of our perfected sauces to accompany it… There are 108 possible combinations between our meats, seafoods & sauces. For our recommendations please do not hesitate to ask our helpful & knowledgeable staff


Poultry & Meats

Chicken Breast Sliced 8,70€

Top grade Skirt Steak 12,25€

Char Siu roast Pork Loin 8,30€

Aromatic Duck Breast 13,50€

Chicken (crispy coated) 9,00€


King Prawns – Large 14,20€

King Prawns – (tempura coated) 14,20€

Scallops 15,10€


Crispy Fried Tofu 9,50€

Blanched Tofu 9,40€


Sweet & Sour Sauce with Pineapple
Unarguably the two most compatible flavours make this traditional velvety smooth & very popular sauce. We serve this with diced tomato, onion, green peppers & pineapple

Curry Sauce
Spicy and fragrant, a family recipe from slowboat master chef Tiak Boh Ng. Rich, thick & aromatic with a special blend of over 14 ingredients. We serve this with diced cabbage, onions, peas & mushrooms

Black Bean Sauce with Green Pepper
The rich saltiness of the black bean creates this thick, deeply flavoursome & unique sauce.We serve with crunchy green peppers, julienne carrots, diced onion & a hint of spice

Cantonese Sauce
An oriental twist on western barbecue sauce which is less sweet with a zesty hint to complete this velvety sauce.We serve this with julienne cut onions, peas & pak choi leaves (Chinese cabbage)

Black Pepper Sauce (served on a sizzling hot plate)
The combination of the warmth of white pepper and the spicy bite of the black pepper make for this delicately perfumed yet exciting sauceWe serve this with julienne sliced onion & green peppers and broccoli

Szechuan Pepper Sauce with Cashew Nuts
A fragrant blend of tingling spices are the basis to this warm & exciting sauce, with a mixture of peppers and chillies for the famous distinctive after bite.We serve this with julienne red peppers and onion, crispy cashew nuts, fresh chillies and topped with ground Szechuan peppers

Satay Peanut Sauce
Ground coriander, tamarind and paprika crunchy peanuts are the basis of this lightly spiced sweet fragrant sauce.We serve this with julienne cut green peppers, onions, carrots & water chestnuts

Kung Po Chilli Sauce
A classic spicy sauce from Northern China. The deep heat of the smooth velvety sauce is complimented against the sweet undertones.We serve this with crunchy celery, diced green peppers, julienne cut carrots & onions

Ginger with Spring Onions
Healthy amount of freshly sliced ginger gives this sauce warmth & a uniquely fragrant peppery flavour.We serve this on a bed of sliced leeks and spring onion

Oyster Sauce with Chinese Mushrooms & Bamboo
This is the classic definition of oriental cooking, the richly aromatic oyster sauce is perfectly complimented by the deep flavour of chinese mushrooms & crunchy bamboo.We serve this with diced carrots, onions, field mushrooms and water chestnuts

Tomato, Chilli & Garlic Sauce
A spicy sauce has red & green fresh chillies for added warmth,finely sliced garlic for depth & juicy tomatoes for tangy zestiness We serve this with diced onions, red & green peppers, water chestnut & bean sprouts

White Wine (Chop Suey) with Blanched Oriental Greens
Crunchy Gai Lan (Chinese broccoli) Pak Choi (Chinese cabbage) in a delicate light sauce made with chinese dry white wine with a hint of garlic and ginger, allowing the flavours & crunchiness of the oriental vegetables through in the dish. We serve this with julienne cut green peppers, onions, carrots & water chestnuts

Our chefs have gone to great lengths to create these dishes with the aim to surprise, amaze & delight your taste buds for the ultimate Chinese culinary experience

Shredded Crispy Chilli Beef 13,55€
Thinly sliced sirloin steak in a crispy coating stir fried in a classic spicy sauce with a hint of sweetness with green peppers & onions

Shredded Crispy Chilli chicken 9,00€
Thinly sliced chicken in a crispy coating stir fried in a classic spicy sauce with a hint of sweetness with green peppers & onions

Crispy Seafood Treasure Chow Mein 17,75€
Made with a seafood stock, king prawns, fillet of hake,scallops, mussels, gai lan, (Chinese broccoli) shitake mushrooms, julienne vegetables & bean sprouts

Steamed Sea Bass with Ginger & Spring Onion 17,75€
Whole sea bass topped with julienne cut fresh ginger & spring onion finished with a light soy dressing (Cantonese style)

Tempura Coated Sea Bass in a Rich Spicy Black Bean Sauce Served on a Bed of Rice 17,95€
Crispy coated in tempura batter to perfectly steam the fish within. Placed on a bed of white rice to compliment the thick rich yet slightly spicy sauce.

Whole Steamed Sea Bass in a Light Oyster Sauce & Ginger Glaze 17,95€
A whole fresh sea bass served in a delicate glaze made with oyster sauce, served with fresh ginger for warmth & fragrance

Fillet Steak with Mixed Oriental Greens 16,70€
Tender cubes of fillet slowly sautéed with asparagus, Chinese broccoli, Chinese cabbage & ginger in a light oyster sauce-style gravy

Fillet Steak in Char Siu Sauce 16,95€
This silky sauce is made with our rich char siu base, Gai lan(Chinese broccoli), broccoli, water chestnuts, chopped onions and bean sprouts

1/2 Crayfish Lobster Tail with a Light Black Bean & Garlic Sauce 34,40€
Topped with a combination of fried & minced garlic infused with oil, salty black beans and light soy on a bed of mix veg & egg noodle

1/2 Crayfish Lobster Tail in Char Siu Sauce 34,40€
This silky sauce is made with our rich char siu base, Gai lan(Chinese broccoli), broccoli, water chestnuts, chopped onions and bean sprouts

Scallops & Mussels in Black Bean & Asparagus 16,15€
Delicate Scallops first seared then stir fried with mussels in a rich sauce which is complemented by the crispy asparagus

Scallops in Char Siu Sauce 15,65€
This silky sauce is made with our rich char siu base, gai lan(Chinese broccoli), broccoli, water chestnuts, chopped onions and bean sprouts

Crispy Fragrant Duck in Spicy Hoi Sin Ginger Sauce 17,75€
A deep rich hoi sin sauce with a hint of ginger & light spicy after bite, stir fried with pak choi, water chestnuts & chinese mushrooms generously layered over half a crispy duck

Crispy Fragrant Duck with Red Wine & Black Pepper Reduction 17,75€
A decadent rich red wine & black pepper reduction layered over half crispy duck, green beans and crunchy cauliflower generously topped off with fresh spring onion

Crispy fragrant Duck in Orange Sauce 17,75€
A Chinese twist on duck a l’orange a velvety rich orange sauce perfectly complimenting the crispy aromatic duck

Especially made to be the perfect companion to our main courses. Made to share using the freshes and most fragrant ingrediants to compliment your main course yet not over power them.

Steamed Jasmine White Rice 3,40€

Egg Fried Rice 3,65€

Egg Fried Rice with Ginger & Spring Onion 4,15€

Young Chow Fried Rice (Char Siu, peas, small shrimp) 6,25€

Emperor Rice 8,05€
Diced chicken, sirloin steak cubes, diced king prawns & peas

Plain Egg Noodles with Egg & Sesame Oil 4,70€

Egg Noodles with Mixed Oriental Greens 7,30€
Julienne vegetables & bean sprouts

Classic Chicken Chow Mein Noodles 9,90€
Diced chicken breast, julienne vegetables & bean sprouts

Classic Singapore Vermicelli 9,90€
Fragrant & spicy, diced king prawns. Sliced char siu, bean sprouts julienne vegetables, sprinkled curry & pepper powder

Imperial Chow Mein Noodles 14,55€
Chicken, sirloin steak cubes, diced king prawns, julienne vegetables & bean sprouts

Mixed Vegetable White Wine Chop Suey 7,30€
A light white wine & garlic chop suey dish finished with a touch of oriental greens, bean sprouts, crunchy bamboo & water chestnuts

Spicy Szechuan Mixed Greens & Tofu 9,90€
Pak Choi, Gai Lan, asparagus & runner beans all stir fried in a spicy Szechuan sauce. Sprinkled with white sesame seeds

Bowl of Chips 3,40€

Oriental Greens

Choice of seasoned crunchy oriental & mixed greens

Pak Choi (Chinese cabbage) 6,80€

Mixed Broccoli. Gai Lan (Chinese broccoli) & field broccoli 6,80€

Asparagus & Runner Beans 6,80€

Served with a choice of sauce: A) Garlic & Ginger B) Oyster


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